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The old posts from the “Deglazed” era of the blog.

The Book is Done! (And for sale…)

Introducing “Beyond the Red Sauce.” A labor of love that is finally complete. And of course that means your long-awaiting chance to order this culinary masterpiece is also at an end. Go on over to my site, and order yourself (and all your friends, family members and people you hardly know) a copy today! Looking […]

I Have Proof!

The physical proof of my cookbook arrived today. This has been a source of serious consternation for me since I have spent much of the last weeks emailing my designers furiously asking them to please put a move on things to keep up with the deadline I gave them a few months back. The last […]

Cooking Without the Sinks

The life of a culinary instructor is much different than that of a chef. We show up, prep ingredients and cook. We write recipes and compile menus for special events. But the cooking we do is in carefully controlled situations and environments, and the stress level is usually significantly reduced from the hectic world a […]

Indexing the Cookbook: From “A – Apple” to “Z….” ummm… “Zapple”?

Editing is mainly done, and that’s a big part of why I haven’t been writing as of late here to the blog. Sure, my wedding was a big part of why I’ve been absent as well, (it was wonderful) but with respect to the work I’ve been doing at the computer, it’s been all editing, […]

The Waiting is the Hardest Part…

So the book is off with the designers now. This is a new experience for me of course, so I have let my baby go off to the designers. It was really hard to hit the send button to let it go. It felt like something so final – so definitive to finally say, “Yes, […]

Artwork for the Book

Well it has indeed been a while since I posted here, but only because I’ve been swamped with both cooking classes as well as the final editing stages of the book. It’s amazing how much work it takes to run through a cookbook, and finally releasing the manuscript to the designer is one of the […]

Delicious? Yes. Nutritious for Breakfast? Hmmm….

As a proud Italian, I am of course a proponent of the wonderful chocolate spread Nutella. They’ve unfortunately yet to come out with “bathtub sized” jars… This stuff is just great. I’m a Facebook fan of it (along with 10.8 million other people.) It is one of the greatest tasting spreads for bread and Graham […]

Grilling Ribs, Grilling Corn. You Can Do It!

Our hero, hard at work over the hot grill. Thank God for Gin & Tonics! It’s the time of year when we need to fire up the grill and enjoy some great outdoor cooking! It seems like that’s what all of my classes are this time of year at any rate… This month, at Sur […]

Making a Perfect Gin & Tonic

Spring has arrived once again in the DC area, and it’s time for me to re-post a great blog post from before about how to make the perfect Gin & Tonic. This post was lost to the ether when I migrated my blog over, so alas, my initial writing of this post will never be […]

Learning Sushi

People always ask me when I’m finishing up a class, “Do you only teach (the subject of the class just ending)?” I inform them that my repertoire is actually much more vast than just the one class they have taken, and they should check out my classes page on my website to see more of […]