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July 2006

What They’re Not Going to Tell You in Culinary School

The instructors in culinary school have a job to do. Well, two actually. On the one hand, their job is to prepare you for the world of working in kitchens. So you know how to cook, and do so completely, efficiently and correctly. And not to mention how to do so in a sanitary manner. […]

The Health Inspector Cometh…

Yesterday in the restaurant we got the thing that all restaurant owners secretly fear the most. The surprise health inspection. Sure, it is important for public safety to have such things, and Cafe Tirolo has nothing to hide, but still, it is a scary moment – like a pop quiz that you are not sure […]

The First Double Shift (Almost).

Today’s adventure in the kitchen brought me to a place where I feel I am making less serious errors, but I am still making errors as I try to do more and more each day. In short, I am trying to do anything I have half an idea about how to do it. That is, […]

Things I Need to Get Over

Day 2 is done. Much more responsibility involved as I was taking some tickets and making them my own today, though mainly I was just helping with the little things here and there that I had learned how to make by watching. Sure, I was not without errors galore, but the end game of it […]

Day 1 is Done

I’m back, and I am still alive. So those who bet against that have to pay up. First off, thank you all for the kind notes of congratulations. I really appreciate it, and hopefully similar sentiments will be forthcoming from my chef instructors as well later this evening… So wow, how do I sum up […]

It Begins…

The job is mine! I am now a chef! I have never been so scared in all my life! So here’s how it went down. I went out to Cafe Tirolo (that is the name of the place, which I can now tell you all) to see if they were interested in bringing me on […]