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August 2006

Poetry in Motion

Two chicken parmesans fly effortlessly into the salamander while a pasta portion full of spaghetti is pulled from the boiling depths of the cauldron on the stove. No sooner has the pasta slipped in with the red sauce in the small sauteuse on the front burners than two veal cutlets burst into flame on the […]

My New Position

No, I am not working at a new job, and no, I don’t know about the dessert gig just yet, but rather, I have a new gig within Tirolo. The restaurant ownership transition is almost complete – lots of forms to sign involved in the process apparently – and this means lots of transition in […]

Pain in the Second Degree

I had so many things to talk about today. I was thinking up a great story about language barriers and so forth in the kitchen, but something happened today that is surely the story of the day. So after a long day of much prep work and slapping chicken and other things on the grill, […]