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December 2006

A Trip in the Woods…

I took a trip in the woods. It was kinda cold. But the food was good and the wine flowing. Writing to you all up here from Bedford, PA – where my parents have their own house in the woods. Now that I’m done celebrating Christmas with my wife’s family in Albuquerque, it is time […]

If I Find this In My Stocking, You’ll Get a Kick to the Head…

The world of odd kitchen gadgetry continues to produce things that I just cannot explain. I love that they keep doing this though, since it makes life so much more interesting. To be an inventor, one must think up one of two things: 1. Come up with an idea for something that doesn’t exist, but […]

Cooking for Co-Workers

Last night started out much the same as any other night. The kitchen greeted me with the usual hellos and sounds of frantic preparation. There was a catering order that was about to go out the door, and the last-minute hustle to make sure that there was enough food for everyone, that all the dishes […]

Our Review Is In!

We were pretty sure that a Washington Post review was coming our way, and it is finally in. This weekend’s Washington Post Magazine has a very nice review of Restaurant Vero, and we are very happy with how it portrays the restaurant. I will not re-print the whole review here, but of course you should […]