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January 2007

Why I Hate Rachel Ray

Another series of questions that people often ask me are, “What do you think of TV Chefs?” or “Do you watch Top Chef/Hell’s Kitchen/Iron Chef?” or “What do you think of Emeril/Alton Brown/Bobby Flay/etc.?” In short, people seem to think I am an expert on what is happening on TV since I am now a […]

So Long to the Beet Salad

Yesterday was one of the best days I have had yet at Vero. It is sometimes hard to tell a good day from a regular one – though the bad ones really stick out – since so many days are exactly the same. Restaurant work is about repetition. You have to create the same meals […]

Foie Gras, My Way

“So wait, what are you doing with the foie gras?…” Foie Gras – another dish that I have to ask: “Who is the first person who thought eating THIS would be a good idea?…” I must have heard this a dozen times while making this dish, but I held by what I was thinking from […]

Bacon, Cheese, Chocolate or Olive Oil

This is my 100th post, so let me get it out of the way and say thank you to all my readers and fans. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement and ad clicks you have provided for me in the past, and I am as eager as you are to see where this adventure goes […]

Cover Pool

Tonight was Saturday night, and that means one thing – time to get shakin’. We usually have a full house on Saturday nights, and this was no exception. For a gauge of how busy it was, the record number of covers (customers) we’ve ever had is 127 (give or take). Tonight, we had 96 covers […]

Kitchen Ink

Things are picking up again at the restaurant. We are not slammed yet, but the phone calls are coming in, and reservations are being made. Looks like you all took me up on my advice, and are ready to eat well once again! Thank you – I need to pay the bills. I was planning […]

The Post-Holiday Let Down

A lot of people would say here that they have not been writing because they have “been away”, or things have just been “so hectic” for them. This is not the case. I have not been writing simply because there is so little to write about. And no, I am not going to list my […]