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February 2007

MY First Review!

This story requires us to go back to several previous posts, so please bear with me regular readers (all four of you) as I recap for the newly-initiated. Back in December, we were reviewed by the Washington Post, and it was a very favorable review. However, seeing as how this reviewer visited Vero before I […]

A New Record

Saturday night is always a busy night in kitchens. Everybody else is as deep into their weekends as they can get, so they figure why not live it up a little? Tomorrow will be Sunday, and that usually means church and/or chores, so now is the time for them to go out and have a […]

Fire in the Kitchen!

I am as guilty as anyone else in the kitchen of letting things go on cooking until they are burned. Even Vic, the chef at Cafe Tirolo (my first chef job), would frequently become sidetracked with various tasks in the kitchen to the point where we would all suddenly notice heavy smoke coming from one […]

What Makes a Rough Day at the Office?

It’s because too many of my days felt like this that I left the world of the cubicles… When I had an office job, I knew the factors involved that would make for a “rough” day. Unexpected emergencies cropping up, constant interruptions from coworkers and/or vendors, endless meetings to discuss why nothing is getting done, […]