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June 2007

Kitchen Inked

This will teach my wife to go out of town and leave me alone for two weeks… Some of my longer-term readers will remember the article I wrote on chef’s tattoos, and how I was interested in getting one myself after my boss had used a lunch break one day for the purpose of inking […]

The Recipe for a Rough Day

In general, Sundays are rough days for me anyway. I have to open the restaurant, but also set up the sauté and pantry stations, and then work them through lunch. So in essence, Sunday mornings have me doing the work of two people normally. I don’t mind the extra work – it’s what helps keep […]

The Hopsicle Saga Begins

Perhaps some of you have actually heard of my restaurant in the news as of late. It is amazing how a little story has blossomed into something so big. When I came on board at Rustico, Frank (the executive chef) told me that one of the main focuses of the restaurant was to find unique […]

Slap My Momma Fried Chicken

I am sure some of you are wondering about the title of this post, and let me assure you; all will be explained. And no, I have not performed any violence against my mom. (Hasn’t she suffered enough already?…) A plate of fresh fried chicken. As much a sign of summer’s arrival as fireflies. In […]