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November 2010

So, What Am I Doing Now?…

I guess the main question you all want to know is what am I currently up to? If I were to fill in the blanks of everything I have done in the past 16 months, that would take quite a while. I promise I will tell most of that story, but it’s such a daunting […]

Another Thanksgiving, More Cooking

Well, Thanksgiving is an experience I have to get used to as a chef now. Everyone is always asking if I’m cooking for Thanksgiving because it’s sort-of the busman’s holiday if I am, but by the same token, it would be silly for people not to have me cook, right? The answer is of course […]

Beginning Again…

Cooking away still… How should I start over?… “I’m baaaaack!” “It’s good to see you all again…” “Is anybody still trying to read this?…” All good options, but I guess this is just to say, It’s been a little over a year since I abandoned the original “Deglazed,” and it’s high time I got back […]