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December 2010

Eggnog Ice Cream

The holidays mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To me, they mean it’s time to start consuming eggnog in mass quantities. Some people like the cookies, others go for the ham or turkey, I go straight for the rum and nutmeg as I power down eggnog by the quart. And my […]

A Favorite Fall Cooking Activity

OK, so this post is late given when the event occurred. But even with the speed of communication that we have these days, there was a delay in my getting the photos and the actual product. So I guess it’s fresh in my mind now to blog about. I’m talking about making apple butter. When […]

Am I Getting Soft?…

Yesterday was a great day as measured in the world of being a private chef instructor. I had two classes in one day and like in any business, the more business you have, the better things are going. But the schedule of the day had the two classes placed so close together, that once I’d […]

Fish Cookery

It’s funny how chefs have strength and weaknesses in the kitchen. While we think that the people who are “blessed” with the ability to cook can really make any sort of magic happen in the kitchen, the truth is, we all have things we prefer to cook with, and things we subtly try to avoid. […]

Testing Recipes – Linguine with Spinach, Olives and Goat Cheese

So if I’m going to be teaching cooking classes, I have to make sure I’m using top-notch recipes, right? And if I need to use top-notch recipes, then I have to make sure that these recipes are in fact top-notch, right? And if I’m going to be writing a cookbook, then I REALLY have to […]

The Slow Season

While the shopping season is upon us, the season for taking cooking classes is apparently at a stand still. This being my first year (six months actually) of being a full-time culinary instructor, I’m learning this for myself the hard way. Every month (even a few months in advance), I have my classes laid out […]

Cupcakes and Wine

As much as I love to teach hands-on classes, this demonstration class is one of my favorites. White Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberries and Basil The class is called “Adult Cupcake and Wine Pairing” which is kind of a naughty-sounding name when you think about it, but how else do you convey the concept that this […]