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February 2011

Carving in Stone

Compiling the recipes into a book is more challenging than I previously thought. I’ve mentioned that quite recently. But part of the problem that I was having when I was going through my manuscript was finding the little details and measurements that weren’t quite right, and needed fixing. I can erase this later, right?… How […]

A First Look

The compiling of a cookbook is a slightly more daunting task than I assumed. Sure, I’ve been working on gathering all my recipes – for the book and otherwise – but there’s an extra step in writing the book. I have to put all the recipes into chapters and try my best to format them […]

Making Limoncello – Part 1

Ahhh Limoncello. Is there no greater drink to have after a nice plate of pasta and you’ve already done your share of damage to a bottle of Barolo? The problem with Limoncello though is that while it is intoxicatingly sweet and unbelievably delicious, it is also one of the more dastardly drinks out there. You […]

Is It Really Suffering?

So in the process of writing my cookbook, I’m currently at the stage where I’m writing my draft proposal and compiling the manuscript. I plan on self publishing the book, so I don’t actually need to write the proposal, but it’s a good exercise in the process. It helps me clarify my thoughts about the […]

The Recipe Box

An antiquated version of keeping all of one’s personal recipes together in one place, the recipe box is still a term widely used by all chefs as to where they go to find their own list of ideas, creations and notes on what works and what doesn’t. I would keep them like this, but my […]

Dinner Party

As a culinary instructor, it’s rare that I actually get the chance to cook for a crowd. Usually it’s my students who are doing the majority of the work, or I’m doing a demo in front of a bunch of people, where I sometimes am using the ingredients I say I am, and sometimes I’m […]

Fixing on the Fly

Last night I was teaching a class on Sustainable Seafood, which is something that I not only enjoy cooking, but is also something that is near and dear to my heart considering all the years I spent working at World Wildlife Fund. The menu looked great, but this class was not a series of my […]