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March 2011

Making Limoncello – Part 2

Has it really been a month already? So those of you with an incredible attention span, or amazing memory may remember how a month ago I posted the first steps on how to make Limoncello. This resulted in us sitting around for a month giving the concoction a stir every once and again. And that’s […]

Corned Beef 2 – St. Patty’s is Here!

So it’s time to finish up our corned beef that we started up a week ago! This really is a fabulously simple dish when you think about it. We put the beef in a brine for 5 days (yes, I took mine out two days ago, and it’s been sitting in the fridge patiently since…) […]

Corned Beef – Get Ready for St. Patty’s

Last year, while working at Open Kitchen, we decided to put on a special St. Patrick’s Day menu for the patrons. Well, the star of the evening by a mile was my very own house-made corned beef. I had never made a corned beef before, but I understood the concept well enough. So with some […]

Bringing Sevilla to Bethesda

It’s not all just cookbook writing for me as of late. There’s still the classes that have to be done. Yesterday I had two classes at Sur La Table – “Gnocchi Workshop” and “British Sunday Roast.” Both went in credibly well, and it was in a conversation with one of my students that I had […]