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April 2011

Learning Sushi

People always ask me when I’m finishing up a class, “Do you only teach (the subject of the class just ending)?” I inform them that my repertoire is actually much more vast than just the one class they have taken, and they should check out my classes page on my website to see more of […]

Cooking a Pork Shoulder

I would have been really upset if I couldn’t include this recipe in my cookbook. Please don’t think it’s because I hate tomatoes! I LOVE tomatoes!! So if I haven’t already made this announcement to you, here it is: My cookbook is based on the theme of “Italian Cooking with No Tomatoes.” It’s a new […]

The Cookbook Testing Continues

It’s time for an update on the cookbook. I’ve been giving you all a lot of recipes as of late, and I’m not against sharing that, but I think occasionally I need to remind you all of the progress on the cookbook. Simply put, the manuscript is over 100 recipes, and it is with the […]

Making Limoncello – Part 3 – The Drunkening

Well, the time has come to finish off the Limoncello. This part of the story/process is not nearly as involved as the first phase where we had to zest 15 lemons, nor is it as harrowing as the second phase where we had to make sure we didn’t lose any of the wonderful lemon vodka […]

Love vs. Vegetarianism

It’s the rare vegetarian who has a tattoo like this. For those of you who have read my blog regularly over the past years, you know I’m not a vegetarian, nor do I trip all over myself to make sure vegetarians always feel like they have equal footing in my menus. Simply put, I like […]

Some Good Press

Throughout this journey into the world of becoming a chef, I’ve always been surprised when I end up in a news article as a source. As I’ve always maintained, my life is more of a “cautionary tale” as supposed to one that needs replicating or emulating. But there are some wonderful reporters out there who […]