Beginning Again…

Cooking away still…

How should I start over?…

“I’m baaaaack!”

“It’s good to see you all again…”

“Is anybody still trying to read this?…”

All good options, but I guess this is just to say, It’s been a little over a year since I abandoned the original “Deglazed,” and it’s high time I got back into it.

The good news is, I’m still the same guy looking to make a career in the culinary world (4.5 years now and counting!) and I’m happy to tell you all everything that happens as it happens.

More good news: I’ve had lots of interesting things happen over the past year as well, so there’s lots of story to catch you all up on!

A little bad news: I had to switch web hosts since my original hosts were doing a crap job of it, and as a result, I lost all of the previous Deglazed.  Yes, even the “Why I Hate Rachel Ray” post… ;(

But to end with a little more good news: I’m still hard at work on the cookbook!  So keep up your support, and I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date with the progress on that, as well as with my progress in my culinary career!

The next few posts will be catching you all back up to speed with what’s been going on, and then hopefully we’ll be back up to “real time.”

Thanks to all of you who have made the blog so special over the years, and sorry for being away for so long! I’m really looking forward to getting back into chatting with you all again!

Chef Matt

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One Response to “Beginning Again…”

  1. Phil says:

    So good to see you back on here! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been coming up with in the kitchen!