I Have Proof!

The physical proof of my cookbook arrived today. This has been a source of serious consternation for me since I have spent much of the last weeks emailing my designers furiously asking them to please put a move on things to keep up with the deadline I gave them a few months back. The last I had heard from them was that they had ordered the proof copy to be printed, and would soon mail it out – sometime within the next five business days.

I don’t think I’ve actually shared the final cover with you all yet. Here it is.

That was last Friday. With the Thanksgiving weekend coming up, which would have surely been another delay, I was doubting that the December 4th deadline that I gave them was going to be met.

But while I was sitting in front of my TV (it’s a day off for me) I heard a strange “bump” come from my front door. I was expecting my dad to come by sometime today, so I figured it was him, but then I saw an unfamiliar man walking away from my house. He wasn’t wearing a mailman uniform… had I just been egged?…

Surely the candy I gave out on Halloween wasn’t that bad…

Anyway, of course this was the Amazon delivery of the proof of my cookbook. I was so excited I forgot where I kept my knives so I could open the package. (A chef forgetting where he keeps his knives. Tragic.) I ripped open the seal, and pulled out my very first copy of my book.

Here it was. In my hands. The book I had been writing for well over a year, and it was actually a real thing. Sure, I don’t want to take away from all the parents of the world, but to some small degree, I get it now. Here is something that existed in theory for so long, and now it was finally there. Real. Tangible. Present. In my hands. It’s a truly miraculous feeling.

Now of course, I have to read the darn thing to make sure it’s good to go to print. And of course, I have no idea what I’m going to do if it’s not…

Chef Matt

P.S. Please stay tuned – I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to start ordering copies of your own sometime next week!

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