The Book is Done! (And for sale…)

Introducing “Beyond the Red Sauce.” A labor of love that is finally complete. And of course that means your long-awaiting chance to order this culinary masterpiece is also at an end. Go on over to my site, and order yourself (and all your friends, family members and people you hardly know) a copy today!

Looking down with the pride of a new father, I hold my first cookbook.

For those of you coming by for the first time, this book is based on the concept of Italian Cooking, but I used no tomatoes. The question I most commonly receive is, “why did you do that?” And the reason is not because I don’t like tomatoes – just look at the logo at the top – but rather because I was tired of everything that is considered “Italian” to just be smothered in red sauce.

There’s so much more to Italian cooking, and that’s what this book is all about!

Burger King’s “Italian Chicken Sandwich”. Chicken, bread, cheese, red sauce. Just like they make back in the motherland.

For those of you that have been with this blog for the long haul (over 6 years now) you know all about this. So for you all, the story is about how I finally received my order of books.

I was worried that they would not get here on time, since I have a signing event up in Bedford, PA this weekend at LIFeSTYLE, the shop where I give monthly cooking classes. So I placed an order for the books, some to be delivered quickly, and some to come slower, just to make sure I had some for the event this weekend.

Another picture of the cover because it’s so darn pretty!

Well two days ago, two boxes showed up at my door. 64 books. A nice start, but not the whole order for sure. So I checked the next day with UPS to track my shipment, and there it was – ALL the remaining boxes were on the truck for delivery… Could my house hold them all?

5:30 rolled around, and still no books. I had to leave for class, and I told Susan to come on home to wait for them. She was working late, and came home at 7:30. No books.

8:45, and I receive a text – “The books are here!” Fantastic! 16 more boxes now crowd my living room. The poor UPS guy. He’s inundated with Cyber Monday deliveries, and still has to unload a crap ton of books for me so I can send them back out to you all.

Susan gave him a bottle of ginger ale to help him along. Isn’t she the sweetest?…

But that doesn’t change the fact – I have a LOT of books in my house, and I want you to have them instead! Place your orders, and let’s make this happen!

Thanks to all of you for your amazing support in my writing of this book! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Chef Matt

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