Leftovers – Blessing or Curse?…

A chef’s fridge is a full fridge. No way around that. But is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

On the one hand, I always have lots of great leftovers to dive into when I want to eat, but am tired or in a rush. (Note, I didn’t say, “when I don’t feel like cooking.” I pretty much always feel like cooking, it’s what makes me a chef…)

On the other hand, having lots of leftovers means there is little room for new food, and I am forced to eat lots of leftovers before I can start new projects. And of course, even though the food was great the first time around, it’s never as good as a leftover.

Pictured: Just two overstuffed shelves in my fridge.
Not Pictured: The cheesecake swirl brownies and fresh sourdough bread I also recently made…

So I ask you all my readers, is a fridge full of great leftovers an awesome thing to have for the ease of great, easy meals? Or is it a pile of food that takes up space and will ultimately end up in the trash?…

Chef Matt

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4 Responses to “Leftovers – Blessing or Curse?…”

  1. Jude Bienvenu says:

    Well, yes and no. Most folks think lasagna is better the second day. But I’ve often had the problem that, if you have folks in your house on a diet, it ends up severely restricting how much you can cook, cause you can’t eat it fast enough. I kinda wish there was somewhere you could take leftovers and they’d be happy to see them. Because refrigerators are, unfortunately, of finite volume.

    There’s also the cooking challenge of having someone grab random things from the fridge, put them on the counter in front of you and say “make something out of this”. Shades of bad cooking shows. Lasagna and banana splits do not go together. They don’t. They just don’t. But sometimes weirdly interesting combinations result.

    I still wish there was somewhere we could take leftovers where they’d be happy to eat them all up for us.

  2. Swan says:

    At first I think they’re a curse, cuz I want something different than what I ate two nights ago. But then I LOOOOVE ’em because all ya gotta do is heat ’em up then wash the Tupperware–couldn’t be easier!

    So, yay for leftovers.

  3. Chef Matt says:

    Jude – I think it would be cool to have a place where people enjoyed leftovers, but the stigma attached would make this a poor theme for a restaurant. I can see it now, “Food We Didn’t Finish”. 🙂

    Swan – The simplicity just can’t be beat. Even easier than a Trader Joe’s Spinach Artichoke dip out of the freezer, huh?… 🙂

  4. We often have more leftovers in our fridge than we can eat — this is the curse of cooking for two. And, like you, we prefer experimenting with new recipes rather than eating the same thing for four nights in a row. But we’re getting better at it. Now if we make a big dish, we freeze half of it, which makes for an easy dinner weeks after it first appeared on our table. (Though now our freezer looks like your refrigerator!)