The Slow Season

While the shopping season is upon us, the season for taking cooking classes is apparently at a stand still. This being my first year (six months actually) of being a full-time culinary instructor, I’m learning this for myself the hard way.

Every month (even a few months in advance), I have my classes laid out so people can choose what they want to learn (and where).  I of course have the calendar of where and when I’ll be on my website, so you don’t have to go to the website of each place to find out where I’ll be.

Yeah, yeah. Enjoy your moment, jerk.

But the problem isn’t lack of communication, it’s the time of the year apparently.  People are buying gifts for people, so money is tighter.  People are running around shopping, and getting ready for family to come in from out of town, so time is tighter, and people are cooking up a storm in their kitchens, so time to do extra curricular cooking activities is tight as well.

In short, while this may be a great time to market yourself if you are overweight and have a large white beard, it’s tough to sell yourself as a culinary instructor.

Even my very popular class in Bedford is having trouble filling up – and that’s never been a problem before.  Just goes to show how tough the times really are.

Am I the only one who laughs at the word “Boniva”?…

But there is a light on the horizon to all this I guess. At Open Kitchen, where I have been teaching for some time, my classes seem to be filling up a little bit better than those of other teachers. Maybe I actually have fans, or people are getting the word out that they like taking classes from me, and it’s paying off. I guess I’m getting in touch with my inner Sally Field and seeing that you really do like me!

All the same, a little marketing of myself can’t hurt. Join in on one of my classes! Or better yet, if you’re still looking for that perfect something to get for someone on your Christmas list, contact me about buying them a private cooking lesson from yours truly! I’d be happy to do it, because this is what I love to do.

And it sure beats playing online poker all day…

Chef Matt

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One Response to “The Slow Season”

  1. Judith (Jude) Bienvenu says:

    Hey Matt!!

    Will be following your blogs, and will try that linguine recipe soon.

    I’m getting somewhat of a relief from work, and getting back more to the kitchen these days. Would love to help you out somehow if there’s a way…

    And no, you’re not the only one who finds the word “Boniva”, well, an odd choice.