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Fish Cookery

It’s funny how chefs have strength and weaknesses in the kitchen. While we think that the people who are “blessed” with the ability to cook can really make any sort of magic happen in the kitchen, the truth is, we all have things we prefer to cook with, and things we subtly try to avoid. […]

So, What Am I Doing Now?…

I guess the main question you all want to know is what am I currently up to? If I were to fill in the blanks of everything I have done in the past 16 months, that would take quite a while. I promise I will tell most of that story, but it’s such a daunting […]

One Year at Rustico

Can you believe it my loyal readers? It has been a year since my first day at Rustico. (Actually the anniversary was yesterday, but give me a break, I had to work that day…) As I mentioned before, when I took this job, it was my third restaurant in one year. I was worried about […]