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Cooking Without the Sinks

The life of a culinary instructor is much different than that of a chef. We show up, prep ingredients and cook. We write recipes and compile menus for special events. But the cooking we do is in carefully controlled situations and environments, and the stress level is usually significantly reduced from the hectic world a […]

Learning Sushi

People always ask me when I’m finishing up a class, “Do you only teach (the subject of the class just ending)?” I inform them that my repertoire is actually much more vast than just the one class they have taken, and they should check out my classes page on my website to see more of […]

Bringing Sevilla to Bethesda

It’s not all just cookbook writing for me as of late. There’s still the classes that have to be done. Yesterday I had two classes at Sur La Table – “Gnocchi Workshop” and “British Sunday Roast.” Both went in credibly well, and it was in a conversation with one of my students that I had […]

The Recipe Box

An antiquated version of keeping all of one’s personal recipes together in one place, the recipe box is still a term widely used by all chefs as to where they go to find their own list of ideas, creations and notes on what works and what doesn’t. I would keep them like this, but my […]

Fixing on the Fly

Last night I was teaching a class on Sustainable Seafood, which is something that I not only enjoy cooking, but is also something that is near and dear to my heart considering all the years I spent working at World Wildlife Fund. The menu looked great, but this class was not a series of my […]

Healthy School Lunches

Let’s take a second to get this blog back on track. The whole point of starting this blog back in 2006 was to give you a sense of my experiences becoming a chef, and now chef instructor. And I’ve realized that most of my recent posts haven’t been about that at all. So it’s time […]

Teaching Knife Skills

Everywhere I teach, every time I offer it, this is the class everyone wants to get in on. Whether they’re new to the kitchen, or seasoned pros who are tired of massacring their dishes, there seems to be no shortage of people who want to sharpen their skills with their knife sets in the kitchen. […]

Am I Getting Soft?…

Yesterday was a great day as measured in the world of being a private chef instructor. I had two classes in one day and like in any business, the more business you have, the better things are going. But the schedule of the day had the two classes placed so close together, that once I’d […]

Fish Cookery

It’s funny how chefs have strength and weaknesses in the kitchen. While we think that the people who are “blessed” with the ability to cook can really make any sort of magic happen in the kitchen, the truth is, we all have things we prefer to cook with, and things we subtly try to avoid. […]

Cupcakes and Wine

As much as I love to teach hands-on classes, this demonstration class is one of my favorites. White Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberries and Basil The class is called “Adult Cupcake and Wine Pairing” which is kind of a naughty-sounding name when you think about it, but how else do you convey the concept that this […]