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Making Limoncello – Part 3 – The Drunkening

Well, the time has come to finish off the Limoncello. This part of the story/process is not nearly as involved as the first phase where we had to zest 15 lemons, nor is it as harrowing as the second phase where we had to make sure we didn’t lose any of the wonderful lemon vodka […]

Making Limoncello – Part 2

Has it really been a month already? So those of you with an incredible attention span, or amazing memory may remember how a month ago I posted the first steps on how to make Limoncello. This resulted in us sitting around for a month giving the concoction a stir every once and again. And that’s […]

Making Limoncello – Part 1

Ahhh Limoncello. Is there no greater drink to have after a nice plate of pasta and you’ve already done your share of damage to a bottle of Barolo? The problem with Limoncello though is that while it is intoxicatingly sweet and unbelievably delicious, it is also one of the more dastardly drinks out there. You […]