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Making Limoncello – Part 3 – The Drunkening

Well, the time has come to finish off the Limoncello. This part of the story/process is not nearly as involved as the first phase where we had to zest 15 lemons, nor is it as harrowing as the second phase where we had to make sure we didn’t lose any of the wonderful lemon vodka […]

Corned Beef – Get Ready for St. Patty’s

Last year, while working at Open Kitchen, we decided to put on a special St. Patrick’s Day menu for the patrons. Well, the star of the evening by a mile was my very own house-made corned beef. I had never made a corned beef before, but I understood the concept well enough. So with some […]

Making Limoncello – Part 1

Ahhh Limoncello. Is there no greater drink to have after a nice plate of pasta and you’ve already done your share of damage to a bottle of Barolo? The problem with Limoncello though is that while it is intoxicatingly sweet and unbelievably delicious, it is also one of the more dastardly drinks out there. You […]

The Recipe Box

An antiquated version of keeping all of one’s personal recipes together in one place, the recipe box is still a term widely used by all chefs as to where they go to find their own list of ideas, creations and notes on what works and what doesn’t. I would keep them like this, but my […]

The Long Road to a Perfect Margarita

Cold, lime-flavored, salt-rimmed glass… as God intended. There is nothing that says “Today is Cinco de Mayo,” to me as much as a nice, ice cold margarita. I prefer them on the rocks – to put that debate to bed early – though I will have one frozen too if that is all that is […]

A New Pizza for Autumn

Autumn has arrived, and our new autumn menu is in full swing. Sure, it continues to change day to day as we refine it into something that works for our kitchen as well as our customers. But there was one addition I was able to make to this menu that is working out really well […]