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Cooking Without the Sinks

The life of a culinary instructor is much different than that of a chef. We show up, prep ingredients and cook. We write recipes and compile menus for special events. But the cooking we do is in carefully controlled situations and environments, and the stress level is usually significantly reduced from the hectic world a […]

Cooking a Pork Shoulder

I would have been really upset if I couldn’t include this recipe in my cookbook. Please don’t think it’s because I hate tomatoes! I LOVE tomatoes!! So if I haven’t already made this announcement to you, here it is: My cookbook is based on the theme of “Italian Cooking with No Tomatoes.” It’s a new […]

Making Limoncello – Part 3 – The Drunkening

Well, the time has come to finish off the Limoncello. This part of the story/process is not nearly as involved as the first phase where we had to zest 15 lemons, nor is it as harrowing as the second phase where we had to make sure we didn’t lose any of the wonderful lemon vodka […]

Making Limoncello – Part 2

Has it really been a month already? So those of you with an incredible attention span, or amazing memory may remember how a month ago I posted the first steps on how to make Limoncello. This resulted in us sitting around for a month giving the concoction a stir every once and again. And that’s […]

Fixing on the Fly

Last night I was teaching a class on Sustainable Seafood, which is something that I not only enjoy cooking, but is also something that is near and dear to my heart considering all the years I spent working at World Wildlife Fund. The menu looked great, but this class was not a series of my […]

Cupcakes and Wine

As much as I love to teach hands-on classes, this demonstration class is one of my favorites. White Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberries and Basil The class is called “Adult Cupcake and Wine Pairing” which is kind of a naughty-sounding name when you think about it, but how else do you convey the concept that this […]

Another Thanksgiving, More Cooking

Well, Thanksgiving is an experience I have to get used to as a chef now. Everyone is always asking if I’m cooking for Thanksgiving because it’s sort-of the busman’s holiday if I am, but by the same token, it would be silly for people not to have me cook, right? The answer is of course […]