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I’m Ready to Give Again

Sorry, but I really love old propaganda posters… This is a tad off-topic, so I’ll be brief. As many of you know, and have enjoyed talking to me about, I graced my left shoulder with a pig tattoo a little over a year ago. It’s a decision that I’ve neither regretted nor second-guessed even once […]

Kitchen Inked

This will teach my wife to go out of town and leave me alone for two weeks… Some of my longer-term readers will remember the article I wrote on chef’s tattoos, and how I was interested in getting one myself after my boss had used a lunch break one day for the purpose of inking […]

Kitchen Ink

Things are picking up again at the restaurant. We are not slammed yet, but the phone calls are coming in, and reservations are being made. Looks like you all took me up on my advice, and are ready to eat well once again! Thank you – I need to pay the bills. I was planning […]